Winning together!

Vision - Just the Best

We strive to be the world's most valued company in our market to
  • ... customers
  • ... employees
  • ... investors
  • ... business partners and
  • ... the communities where we work and live.
We will be in the top three in every relevant market we serve through positioning us to have the strength of a group, combined with the leanness and agility of local entities.

Mission - Clients for life

We work with successful and strategic clients to

  • consistently improve the performance
  • innovate the processes
  • deliver added value in every small step
  • maintaining best quality in our portfolio across the globe

All efforts to make our clients even more successful.


Values - Performance guaranteed

Our value for customer is created in

  • … providing the best and honest offer 
  • … promising what we deliver, and deliver what we promise
  • … maintaining zero-tolerance in quality and compliance
  • … providing apt solutions for financial securities
  • … offering our products, solutions and services across the group
  • … constantly strengthening our position in markets and value chain by partnering / M&A

Our sole purpose of existence is our customers’ success.