Cruise Ships

Today, mega cruise ships feature the same big dimensions as large container vessels. The “Oasis of the Seas”, for instance, can accommodate 5,400 passengers on board. What characterizes cruise ships more than anything else: They are both ship and hotel.

R&M offers high-quality interior for all areas on board, such as cabins, wet units, restaurants, wellness and spa, galley and catering areas as well as theaters and shops.

The prefabricated cabins fulfill every desire for a cruise ship. Moreover, we deliver them quickly, without compromising on quality. We are able to deliver more than 100 units a week and just in time. We place particular emphasis on reducing specific points of noise. The special insulation of dividing walls keeps private matters private, which is an important detail for passenger comfort.

River Cruise Ships

River cruise ships are not sea-going vessels, however they do place special challenges on ship technology. The wind and current, combined with the ships’ special, narrow construction, can lead it to keel over under certain conditions. The materials used for the interior have to be able to put up with these movements, without being damaged or easily worn out.

An average solution simply will not do. The experts at R&M consistently put their experience into practice and ensure flawless, long-lasting quality of the interior outfitting thanks to the use of special materials and methods.

RoPax ferries

RoPax ferries are also known as cruise ferries. The abbreviation stands for roll-on/ roll-off, combined with the English short form Pax for passenger. The ferries transport cargo such as cars, trucks and passengers. Thus they are equipped with cabins, restaurants and recreation facilities.

R&M realizes the required design of cabins and leisure rooms in consistently high quality and ensures an ideal temperature and air humidity with the planning and installation of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC).

The safety on board also places high demands on the interior outfitting. Several thousand gallons of fuel are bunkered in cars on the decks below, which means that fire protection takes absolutely top priority on these vessels. To ensure optimal safety, we use full-protection insulation for the car decks.

RoRo ferries

RoRo stands for roll-on/roll-off ships, a name that hints at the cargo on board: RoRo ferries transport rolling freight such as cars and trucks. As with other ship types within trade shipping, the crew has a difficult and demanding job. Therefore, the interior furnishings should be functional, durable and yet aesthetically appealing.

For the experts at R&M, accomplishing this is a matter of experience, not an unsolvable problem. Due to their cargo, RoRo ferries are swimming fuel depots. So we pay particular attention to the fire insulation on the car decks – if worst ever comes to worst, it is a question of survival for both the ship and her crew. We take this responsibility seriously.