Quality pays off

R&M has introduced a quality management system in accordance with the international norm DIN EN ISO 9001 and uses this successfully in Germany, China, Norway, and Finland. As a result, we have ensured at all times that work processes and procedures for quality assurance are planned, implemented, documented and monitored with a focus on results and the client.

R&M Germany also introduced the energy management system DIN EN ISO 50001 and received shipyard certification for the Blohm+Voss shipyard.

Employees of R&M Germany are certified in particular for work on offshore platforms of the GWO (Global Wind Organization). This certificate valid across Europe allows R&M to work safely on the high seas.

The certifications prove the ongoing quality assurance in line with the three main principles of client orientation, process orientation and constant improvement, which are firmly anchored in our thinking and action. Our expectation: reliable products, timely delivery and reliable support for satisfied clients. In order to ensure this, we provide highly modern technologies and especially promote the use of new technologies as a means of change and long-term progress.