Innovation through research

R&M has some patents and utility models that prove our material, process and engineering expertise. We continuously invest in our innovativeness:

Patent Brief description
Floor module for shipbuilding Lightweight self supporting floor elements (comparable wall elements), applied on existing ship structures. Application on yachts and SWATH – ships on A&R
Panel with central anchor attachment Lining of a liquefied petroleum gas tank with multilayer-panels and multilayer-panels for such a lining
Rinsing system Lining of a liquefied petroleum gas tank
Multilayer-panel Multilayer-panel for lining liquid gas containers
De-icing with vibration De-icing of pipes transporting liquefied gases by vibration
Tank cross section from several circle sections Lining of a liquefied petroleum gas of tanker ships
Utility model Brief description
Submarine insulation Shell insulation in submarines with prefabricated mats (R&M SUBMAT)
Fire protection-floor Installation procedure of Mounting system of floating fire protection-floor