Heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems - custom-made and energy-efficient

An excellent indoor air quality on board is essential for both passengers and crew members, as well as for a smooth operation of machinery, systems and equipment.

The generation and maintenance of ideal temperature, humidity and air purity is only possible by the use of adequate heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). The R&M Group owns a team of specialists with years of experience with extensive HVAC Solutions. All key functions, such as project management, engineering, design, material supply, construction management and commissioning can be realized by our proficient team. Taking into consideration the latest quality management standards (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015), we develop individual solutions for new buildings of all types of ships as well as modernization concepts and we also perform repair and maintenance work in this field.


Our services at a glance
  • Concept development/system design
  • Transmission and CO² calculations
  • Creation of schematic graphics, system overview graphics (P & ID's)
  • Environmental analysis of climate rooms and their detailed constructions
  • Purchase and installation of all required components
  • Supervision throughout the whole construction phase
  • Development and delivery of system automation
  • Commissioning and transfer of the systems
  • Instruction of the crew
  • Project management/technical advice, also in the function as a  shipyard representative



Exemplary rendering of an HVAC-System on board

  1. Engine room: Outside air is supplied through the blue shaft by large fans into the engine room and flows regularly due to overpressure in a natural way through the chimney to the outside.

  2. Galley: This area on board is supplied with treated air, which means that the air will be cooled or heated, depending on the outside temperature. The partly greasy exhaust air is directly transported to the outside.

  3. Passenger and crew areas: The chiller units are located in the lower part of the vessel. Chiller units supply air handling units (AHU’s) inside the AC rooms with cold water, which is required to cool the air. The outside air is processed (cooled, heated, and moistened) in the AHU’s. The treated air is directed into the affected areas via a duct system. In order to avoid an overpressure in the supplied areas, different exhaust air systems permanently suck in the ”excessed air”, whereby a large part of the energy of this air is reused by heat recovery.