More than 1,000 platforms around the world are installed in the water, 450 of which are located in the North Sea. Hundreds of further platforms are in the order books at shipyards worldwide. Offshore platforms has a special design beause of the conditions in the different oceans. In general, they can be floating or fixed to the ocean floor.

Floating ones are for example the so-called FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading). FPSO vessels can store more than just crude oil – they take on oil and gas from a production platform and process it directly on board. The equipment and furnishings aboard FPSO units have a huge influence on the living conditions of the people who work there. The technical insulation of the living and leisure spaces from the production facilities is absolutely essential.

On these platforms, many humans has to be work hard and live together in the smallest of space – people who share a rough workday. R&M’s living, leisure and work modules are completely equipped with all the peripheral units that are needed, such as sanitary, laboratory and HVAC systems. To ensure that our customers don’t have to coordinate operations with other technical crews, they receive fully functional units from a single source. We work together with staff, who is specially certified to work on platforms.

Moreover, R&M can leverage its years-long experience in thermal and acoustic insulation. In particular, we are experts when it comes to the ergonomic design of control rooms – an important safety aspect. 

Offshore Vessels

Many different types of vessels are used in the offshore industry like CSV (Construction Support Vessel), Seismic Vessel, OSV (Offshore Supply Vessel), WIV (Well Intervention Vessel), PSV (Platform Supply Vessel) and so much more. All vessels are designed with special equipment depending on the usage.

There are high expectations of the interior fit out on offshore support and supply vessels, particularly, regarding its durability and longevity. These vessels are constructed to last at least 20 years – and this also holds true for the interior. The products by R&M offer the comfort that the teams expect.

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