Mega yachts

Because of these honorable duties, the vessels are subject to stringent requirements as stipulated by the authorities – also in terms of their interior outfitting. R&M guarantees quality, safety and durability of all installed interior and systems on board.

Authority vessels

Pilot vessels

Pilot vessels bring pilots on board of large ships that sail coastal waters or river deltas, or which are nearing ports. This means: Responsibility for human lives as well as cargo and ships worth millions of dollars.

SWATH vessels

A SWATH vessel has to be made of a combination of the most lightweight materials if it wants to take advantage of its special design during use. But the lightweight build is not the only thing that is required: Extreme weight management is meant to maintain the design weight with pinpoint accuracy. SWATH vessels are innovative and tricky at the same time. Only one shipyard worldwide is able to handle such construction demands – and R&M is their partner. We’re proud to be able to call ourselves global market leader in the outfitting of SWATH vessels.


Research vessels

Like authority vessels, research vessels do not have their own ship category. Depending on their purpose, they are often quite different from one another. However, there are also some similarities: They frequently operate under absolutely rugged conditions, usually for months.