Tradition and consistency in changing times

Otto and Sartorius Rheinhold

Founding of the company "Vereinigte Kieselgur und Korksteingesellschaft Rheinhold & Co." in Celle (Germany) by the brothers Otto and Sartorius Rheinhold.


Production near Hanover, Germany

Diatomaceous earth is mined at the company’s own production sites near Hanover, Germany, to serve as insulation for locomotive boilers and steam vessels. The products made of cork are used primarily for insulation in the area of housing construction, among others.

The Greek letter Lambda

The Greek letter Lambda, a symbol used in formulas for thermal conductivity, has been an integral part of the logo since the early days of operation.

Founding of C. & E. Mahla GmbH

Founding of C. & E. Mahla GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany, by the brothers Carl and Emil Mahla. The company produces and sells the insulation materials theralite and papyrolith.


Rheinhold & Co.

Employees at Rheinhold & Co. in a large cork storage warehouse


Rheinhold & Co.

Product stamp
The new Lambda insulation material developed and patented by Rheinhold & Co. is launched on the market.

VKI Vereinigte Korkindustrie AG

VKI Vereinigte Korkindustrie AG is founded in Berlin, Germany. In addition to other German companies, it unites Rheinhold & Co. Vereinigte Kieselgur and Korkstein-Gesellschaft mbH as well as C. & E. Mahla GmbH under a single parent company. The aim of VKI is to process and trade cork tree bark and all objects made of cork.


C. & E. Mahla

A Spanish investor group takes over the majority of VKI. Because the amount of imported raw cork is dwindling in Germany, C. & E. Mahla expands to include the production and processing of glass fibres and foams made of phenolic resin.


Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH

Rheinhold & Co. and C. & E. Mahla fuse together to form Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany. In the years following, Rheinhold & Mahla develop to become the most significant stakeholder in VKI.


Vereinigte Kunststoffindustrie AG

The processing of cork has lost its significance and cheaper, more versatile alternatives from the petrochemical industry are surging onto the market. Vereinigte Korkindustrie AG is renamed to Vereinigte Kunststoffindustrie AG.


VKI Rheinhold & Mahla AG

Vereinigte Kunststoffindustrie AG fuses with Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH to form VKI Rheinhold & Mahla AG.


Takeover by Bayer AG

VKI Rheinhold & Mahla AG is taken over by Bayer AG.


Change to Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH

Bayer AG changed VKI Rheinhold & Mahla AG to Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH. The departments Production, Sales and Installation are created.


Headquarters in Munich, Germany

The production of insulation is outsourced and the company’s headquarters is moved to Munich, Germany. At this point, Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH offers planning, construction and installation of insulation for industrial companies and in the shipbuilding industry, as well as technical noise protection, façade technology and outfitting.


Isenta Molde AS

Founding of Isenta Molde AS in Molde, Norway.


Bayer AG sales shares

Bayer AG sales it shares in Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH, and Rheinhold & Mahla GmbH is transformed into a joint-stock company.


R&M Ship Interior AS

Takeover of Isenta Molde AS, which is integrated into Rheinhold & Mahla AG under the name R&M Ship Interior AS.


R&M Schiffsisolierung und Ausbau GmbH

Rheinhold & Mahla AG founds the subsidiary R&M Schiffsisolierung und Ausbau GmbH.


Bilfinger Berger AG

Bilfinger Berger AG buys the entire package of Rheinhold & Mahla AG shares including the trademark rights and integrates the company into its own business.


R&M Ship Technologies GmbH

R&M Schiffsisolierung und Ausbau GmbH is renamed to R&M Ship Technologies GmbH.

Takeover of the shipbuilding division by financial investors together with the management from Bilfinger Berger by forming R&M Ship Tec GmbH with its subsidiaries R&M Ship Technologies GmbH and R&M Ship Interior AS.


Expansion in the USA and Finland

Founding of R&M Ship Technologies USA, Inc., headquartered in Philadelphia and R&M Ship Technologies Finland Oy with headquarters in Turku. Purchase of the company later known as R&M American Marine Products, Inc.


R&M Ship Interiores Navais Ltda.

Founding of R&M Ship Interiores Navais Ltda., headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


R&M Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany

Establishment of R&M Headquarters in Hamburg (Germany) and the fusion of R&M Marine Products GmbH into R&M Ship Technologies GmbH.


R&M Group celebrates its 125th anniversary

R&M celebrates its 125th anniversary.
Acquisition of Alvedoor (Kunshan) Co. Ltd., headquartered Kunshan (China) and transfer of R&M Ship Tec GmbH into R&M International GmbH. Founding of the company R&M International Asia Operations Pte. Ltd. located in Singapore. Founding of the joint venture Iso Prefab AS with Linjebygg Offshore AS (LBO).


R&M Alvedoor (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.

Alvedoor (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. is renamed into R&M Alvedoor (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.
Establishment of the Product Division Alvedoor Marine under the legal entities R&M Ship Technologies GmbH and R&M Alvedoor (Kunshan) Co. Ltd.


Rheinhold & Mahla - Trademark rights back

Transfer of trademark rights of "Rheinhold & Mahla" by Bilfinger Berger AG to R&M Group.


Takeover of KLH Aircon International

Takeover of the company KLH Aircon International, Inc., with renaming into R&M AirCon International, Inc.

Takeover of Sea Level Marine, LLC

Takeover of the company Sea Level Marine, LLC, which is based in Miami (USA). The company is a leading provider of cruise ship interior outfitting services. Renaming into R&M Sea Level Marine, LLC as well as establishment of Refurbishment Division of R&M Group.


Foundation of a subsidiary in India

Fondation of the subsidiary R&M Marine Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd. This subsidiary is specialized in Engineering Services, which is offered worldwide. It enables the R&M Group to strengthen the portfolio completely.


Takeover of the shipbuilding segment of KLH Group from Bad Doberan

Mid 2016 the R&M Group takes over the shipbuilding segment of KLH Group from Bad Doberan to bundle all HVAC competencies under the brand name of KLH Marine and form the HVAC Division of R&M Group.