Our motto: Safety first

Employees' safety at work is always the top priority for us. True to the motto of "Safety first," all employees and managers are asked to obey the valid occupational safety laws, the occupational safety guidelines required by our clients, and the company's internal safety requirements.

Whether it is in the design of the work facilities, workplaces or during the work processes: the companies in the R&M Group take all the measures required to avoid accidents and work-related health risks, and ensure the humane design of the work. Mechanisms such as regular inspections, danger and risk assessments, active prevention measures and the implementation of corrective and preventive measures are the basis for this.

Accidents can only be prevented if all employees are repeatedly made aware of the importance of occupational safety. In order to produce a high degree of safety awareness and to ensure the effective implementation and compliance with occupational safety rules, trainings, seminars and instruction sessions are held regularly for all employees.

Systematic compliance with the safety provisions by all employees and each individual's responsibility are significant components of our safety culture. We are convinced that accidents are avoidable.