Only the best for the guests

The cabin atmosphere quite often determines whether the passenger will book a repeat trip on the vessel or not. For a short while, it is the private accommodation and must provide a thorough feeling of comfort. The interior furnishing plays a key role in meeting this requirement.

The challenge lies in combining individuality, functionality and quality with a clear message for the passenger. It states: This is your ship and your cabin – at least for a while. R&M knows this and meets every need. That is when building a big cruise vessel for example R&M’s consistently high supply capability of 150 cabins per weeks helps boost the cost-effectiveness of every shipbuilding project.
Our services:
  • Responsibility of the entire logistics chain
  • Execution and project management
  • Prefabricated wet units and prefabricated cabins to reduce turnaround time
  • Flat-packed wet units and prefabricated cabins
  • Just-in-time delivery