R&M Group Portfolio

The R&M Group offers a broad portfolio of services, products and solutions, which are all an integral part of our turnkey solutions. Be it engineering, project management, the production of interior accommodation, the insulation or the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) – R&M supports its customers along the entire value chain.


With great attention to details

Individuality, functionality and high-quality finishing - the interior outfitting on board all types of ships faces highest demands. On cargo ships, the interior is supposed to be functional, creating a pleasant working atmosphere. On cruise ships, the interior of the cabin plays a key role in determining the well-being of the guest. All areas are always subject to particularly high demands on a sophisticated space utilization concept, which ensures fire, acoustic and vibration protection as well as an optimal HVAC Systems. Due to our experiences and our entire portfolio, we are able to develop customized and turnkey solutions.

We provide turnkey solutions for all areas on board all types of ships, restaurants, wellness & spa, staircases and corridors, engine- or ac-rooms.


Impressions of our projects

Passenger area

  • Inside and outside cabins
  • Suites
  • Prefab cabin (own production)
  • Wet units (own production)


Crew area

  • Prefab cabins (own production)
  • Wet units (own production)
  • Recreational rooms
  • Mess rooms


Public area

  • Restaurant, bars, lounges
  • discos, casinos
  • Spa & wellness areas
  • Staircases & Corridors


Utility area

  • Galleys, pantries, provision stores
  • AC-rooms
  • Laundries
  • Bridges
  • Engine rooms