Refurbishment of an expedition vessel at the Ulstein Verft

R&M has recently finished the refurbishment project of the Expedition vessel "Sea Adventurer", which is owned by Adventures Partner Ltd. and operated by Quark Expeditions.

The ship, which changed its name to "Ocean Adventurer", arrived in Ulsteinvik (Norway) at the Ulstein Verft in April this year. In total, the works on board included the renovations to the ship's interior, significant technical renewals such as the replacement of main engines and gears as well as the addition of new passenger cabins.

R&M`s scope of work comprised delivery of materials like wall and ceiling panels, B doors and furniture, as well as outfitting for six new staterooms, three new suites and three existing suites, 58 existing bathrooms, public areas like restrooms, main lounge, dining room and gym.

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