Completion of the "AIDAperla"

In September 2016, R&M has signed an additional order for the "AIDAperla" on top to the delivery of cabin materials, including the installation in four public areas on board:
•    Plaza
•    Nightfly
•    Disco
•    Spraybar

These areas have a high level of decorative finish and are, in the case of the Plaza in particular, key onboard meeting points for passengers on board. We started to work on the shipyard in Nagasaki (Japan) in October 2016.

The work carried out up to the end of 2016 mainly entailed the installation of substructures for walls, ceilings and onboard facilities. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) meanwhile had to complete production of the underlying systems, so that the demanding schedule could be fulfilled. In the last week of March 2017 MHI and AIDA Cruises were notified of completion.

The ship owner entrusted us once again with the installation of artworks for the transfer to Europe few weeks ago, and MHI requested additional employees for the completion of the onboard suites. This involved the presence of some 20 fitters and supervisors throughout the journey from Nagasaki to Mallorca.

It was a very successful project for the R&M Group. The ship owner and MHI alike are once again highly satisfied with our performance, particularly in terms of quality of our products for the cabins and service on board as well as adherence to delivery dates.

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