R&M Group trains industrial clerks - in conversation with Ina Roßbach-Wiedt, trainer at R&M Germany in Hamburg

As of July 2019, five apprentices are part of the team of the R&M Group, and by September 2019, there will be seven more. For many years, the R&M Group has successfully trained carpenters in Wismar. From the 2019 apprenticeship year, industrial clerks will be trained in Hamburg by Ina Roßbach-Wiedt as well as an insulation fitter will start in Bremerhaven.

The idea of offering apprenticeships had already grown for a long time, explains Ina Roßbach-Wiedt (trainer at R&M in Hamburg). "As a result of our business growth, as well as due to complex challenges in our work environment and project management, the need for well-trained commercial and administrative staff has increased. Qualified employees with professional experience in the maritime industry are difficult to find, which is why we now want to train our own junior staff," continues Ina Roßbach-Wiedt. In Hamburg, there are all administrative areas of the organization. This creates ideal conditions for preparing future industrial clerks for their professional life. Ina Roßbach-Wiedt also emphasizes: "Our corporate culture and above all the good working atmosphere form a basis for enabling young people starting their careers. In particular, because the two trainees go through different departments with different contact persons, such as the procurement department headed by Dirk Juergensen (Head of Procurement R&M Ship Technologies GmbH), the trainee's apprenticeship time is real teamwork for the colleagues in Hamburg and beyond."

Looking ahead to the future of the R&M Group, she explains: "In times of skilled worker shortages, it is particularly important to develop a human resources strategy, that will make us competitive in the long term. We think, that the training is a basis, so that young people get to know and understand our business and our entire value chain. Above all, as we try to give the apprentices the contents of their apprenticeship in a very hands-on way. Right from the start we include them in many processes and as far as possible in all departments of the company, sometimes directly on site at the shipyard."

The two industrial clerks Anna Rudek and Dennis Tschesnokow already had their first working day on 1st of August. Both agree, why they apply for this job and how the first days go by: "I was particularly impressed by the appearance of the company. Already the interview was very pleasant and I felt right at home. Now I'm looking forward to an extremely exciting industry and a versatile education at R&M," says Anna Rudek and her colleague adds: "So far, we have met many new employees, the first days are particularly exciting. Already today we feel very integrated, our respective contact persons integrate us in all aspects and it's fun to get involved in all the processes."

The reasons why Ina Roßbach-Wiedt in addition to her daily workload, decided to be a trainer: "I was really in the mood for the new task, even if it means additional efforts. It gives me a lot of pleasure to support the apprentices with words and deeds and to accompany them in their individual learning development. In my opinion, companies like the R&M Group have a social responsibility and should offer young people the opportunity to successfully start their careers. I very much support this." She also has clear objectives for her two new protégés in mind: "Working together with my colleagues to ensure that our apprentices develop with fun at work and support us as competent employees in the future." The former she would like to express her gratitude at this point, because the joint project requires a lot of motivated employees, who look after the two and have an open ear whenever they have questions.


Photo: Anna Rudek and Dennis Tschesnokow with their trainer Ina Roßbach-Wiedt and Dirk Juergensen

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