Serial order for "Viking Longships" at the shipyard Neptun

R&M is entrusted with turnkey projects on the river cruise ships of Viking River Cruises. Viking River Cruises is a leading provider of river cruises in the European, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese and Southeast Asian markets with a strong fleet of 65 vessels.

The first turnkey project for Viking River Cruises conducted by R&M was in 2010 on the "Viking Prestige". R&M provided the furniture for the passenger cabins and the ceilings for this ship. Thereupon further orders followed for different classes. The orders included the interior design of the suites, passenger and crew cabins including wet units as well as the corridors. To date, R&M has equipped 51 Viking vessels.

Last year, Viking River Cruises commissioned six more Viking Longships river cruise ships, on which R&M will once again carry out Visual Turnkey Projects. The vessels will be delivered to the shipping company in 2019. The scope of work on each of these six new builds includes technical engineering and interior outfitting of 95 passenger cabins, 9 suites, 31 crew cabins, crew mess, corridors and staircases. R&M is further responsible for the installation of the accommodation systems for the cabin areas including wet units as well as for the assembly of furniture and accommodation components. The accommodation system, furniture and cabin doors are manufactured in-house by the R&M production unit.

With a length of 135m and a diesel-electric (hybrid) propulsion system, the new river cruise ships will be used for European tours such as on the Rhine, Main and Danube as well as in Dutch waters.

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