The launch for the product division Alvedoor Marine

The important event took place in Rostock on 25 September 2013 to mark the launch of Alvedoor Marine, the new product division of the R&M Group. Many guests, among them customers, business partners and suppliers, from all over the world were invited.

The event day started with some presentations and speeches in Rostock in the morning. Afterwards, the guests were brought to Wismar in order to visit the production hall of the R&M Group. Because of these guided tours of both sites, the invited guests were able to gain extensive impressions of all the machinery and the different production processes.

Furthermore, the guided tours also provided insights into the installation planning and optimization tool, the 3D.CabLab. This was developed specially for R&M. In this regard, presentations on some of the tool’s many functions were given. Then the participants had the possibility to assure themselves of the easy handling of this innovative tool in the newly equipped showroom. This showroom also invited them to have a look at the exhibited products such as wet units, doors, panels and furniture.

In the evening, the guests had time to relfect on the day in a very cozy atmosphere, with a delicious buffet and live music. The participants of the Talent Development Program and the Production colleagues in Rostock and Wismar joined in as well. This event offered the perfect occasion for the whole branch to exchange information and to network.


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