Paving the way since 1887

Customized and long-lasting solutions for customers, based on years of experience and innovative research – this is a goal R&M is pursuing constantly.

Tailored goods off the rack can be the right solution, but often they are not. We leave nothing to chance or intuition. Experienced engineers and technicians develop customized concepts, particularly for thermal and acoustic insulation and fire protection, while keeping in mind international regulations for shipbuilding. Such concepts are based on a comprehensive calculation of the acoustics

R&M gained special know-how among other things in the development of new tank concepts for the transportation of liquid natural gas (LNG). This know-how forms the basis for R&M’s strong position on the market within this sector. Thanks to our insulation technology, we can provide affordable storage as well as energy-efficient transportation of LNG.

Get an overview of the patents of the R&M Group!

Patent Brief description
Floor module for shipbuilding Lightweight self supporting floor elements (comparable wall elements), applied on existing ship structures. Application on yachts and SWATH – ships on A&R
Panel with central anchor attachment Lining of a liquefied petroleum gas tank with multilayer-panels and multilayer-panels for such a lining
Rinsing system Lining of a liquefied petroleum gas tank
Multilayer-panel Multilayer-panel for lining liquid gas containers
De-icing with vibration De-icing of pipes transporting liquefied gases by vibration
Tank cross section from several circle sections Lining of a liquefied petroleum gas of tanker ships
Utility model Brief description
Submarine insulation Shell insulation in submarines with prefabricated mats (R&M SUBMAT)
Fire protection-floor Installation procedure of Mounting system of floating fire protection-floor