At home at sea
Rest and relaxation in a cosy and homely atmosphere – one of the many selling points of our prefabricated cabins. With years of experience and a high level of expertise, we design and construct top-quality prefabricated cabins that comply with the latest standards.

A key advantage of the self-contained, prefabricated modules is the short installation time on board. A fast and professional manufacturing process and short delivery times ensure their seamless integration into the ship’s ongoing construction process.
The modules can be configured for both crew and passenger cabins. The prefabricated cabins provide individual standards for passenger and crew cabins, suitable for every requirement. All models include sanitary facilities, variable wall and ceiling systems, doors and furniture. The integrated wet units are fully fitted out, from sink to toilet. Specially sealed floor pans ensure that the units are watertight. The electrical connections and water pipes can be connected to the onboard systems immediately after the units are installed. R&M also produces portholes for outside cabins.

Our services at a glance
  • Individual customizations, equipment and configurations on request
  • Complete installation for electrical, air-conditioning and sprinkler systems
  • Easily transported on board; just-in-time delivery
  • Guarantee of quality
  • Manufacturing facility close to project
  • Tested and approved structural materials


  1. Bottom frame welded with U-profile connection for wall panel installation
  2. Wall panels bolted together to ensure overall stability. Panels are made of PVC-coated steel sheets on the inside and galvanized steel sheets on the outside.
  3. Door frame with connection profiles for mounting on corridor wall system
  4. Corner profile for strong connection to galvanized steel wall
  5. Porthole made of PVC-coated metal sheets with insulation on rear
  6. Fully equipped wet unit with alle the necessary mounting points in inspection area for easy access
  7. Ceiling profile (hat profile) - guarantees a stable connection to the surrounding wall elements of the entire cabin
  8. Ceiling panel is 30 mm thick. Cables und cutouts are covered by special overlying insulation.
  9. Insulated ventilation duct for transporting fresh air into the cabin. The fan housing is located in the inspection area for easy servicing.
  10. Furniture to meet customers` specifications