Wet units

Comfort down to the last detail
In addition to cozy cabins and well-appointed public areas, wet units also contribute to the comfort of passengers while they are on board.

Our standard wet units are suitable for passenger and crew cabins and can be used on all types of ships. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the wet units can be equipped with a shower, toilet, sink, heating, tiles, mirror and a range of other accessories. The pipelines for fresh, grey and black water and the wiring for the electrics are already installed when the wet unit is delivered. The wet units can be delivered “just in time”, are easy to transport and assemble and are ready immediately for operation.

Key data
  • B-15 design with high damping properties
  • Stainless steel, aluminum or preserved black steel floor pan with tiles, epoxy coating, polyurethane or tile covering
  • Sandwich-style walls coated with PVC film in various patterns or steel walls with tiles or plastic surfaces
  • Inspection panel behind the toilet bowl for accessing the vacuum technology
  • Sandwich-style door with air gap below door leaf, lock and door limiter
  • Sandwich-style ceiling coated with PVC film or with lacquered surface
  • Ceiling light, wall lights and / or illuminated mirror cabinets
  • Stainless steel black water pipes
  • Plastic or copper fresh water pipes
  • Air-conditioning system for exhaust air, installed in the wall or ceiling panel


The wet units meet all individual needs, are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and comply with the most recent safety regulations.