Safety first
A facility is only complete when the right doors have been installed. We provide the right door with the necessary fire protection and a guarantee of quality and durability for every type of ship and every maritime facility.

Our portfolio includes doors in fire classification “B” for the use in cabins, and doors in fire classification “A” for the use in areas with higher fire protection requirements. Both systems can be adapted to a very wide range of conditions on board and are thus ideal for ensuring an integrated system. Depending on the product type, the fire doors can be supplied with a clear opening measuring up to 2,700 mm in width and 2,300 mm in height.

Cabin doors with clamping frames
These models are used primarily in the interiors of areas where a B-15 fire protection category is stipulated. The clamping frames can be fitted during assembly into the wall structure or integrated into an existing wall system using a two-part frame.

Doors with increased fire protection
Category “A” fire doors can be fitted either by welding them or bolting them to the surrounding steel structure. They can be equipped with different coamings depending on where they are used. A gas-tight version is also available.

Standard doors
  • Single-hinged doors
  • Double-hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
    • B-15
    • A-15
    • A-60
Surface coatings
    • The door leaf can be coated with PVC, varnished or made from stainless steel
    • The frame can be varnished or made from stainless steel

Optional features

  • Ventilation (normal or offset)
  • Kick-out panel
  • Door closer (normal or integrated)
  • Peephole
  • Window
  • Opening for fire hose
  • Closing system
  • Door handle set in various designs
  • Integrated head piece


The doors can be equipped with all the relevant accessories and include the right surface coating that matches the design of the existing environment. Our products meet the requirements of various international certification companies. Please find the product certificates here.