High-end sound and vibration protection
A particularly high level of noise and vibration is generated in ship operation areas. The demands on sound-absorbing flooring in adjoining decks and areas are correspondingly high.

Our floors are perfectly suited for this purpose. They meet all technical requirements in terms of fire and noise protection. They can be laid quickly and easily and their innovative design means that they perfectly fit in with other interior fittings. We offer a range of three different flooring systems – all of which have been tested in accordance with our highest internal quality management standards and international guidelines.

A-60 floor
A high fire protection classification and excellent acoustic insulation means that this floor can be used in all areas on board the ship. To install this floor, the panels are simply laid out on the ground and welded together at various points.

C-class floor
This floor is ideal for use in areas where no specific fire protection requirements are stipulated by inter- national regulations. The design of this panel is similar to that of the A-60 floor panel, the only difference being that the insulation under the outer steel layer covering is thinner.

Our products meet the requirements of various international certification companies. Please find the product certificates here.