Clever design, easy to install
To guarantee maximum comfort and safety for passengers and crew members, our ceiling panels meet the highest standards of quality: They are tested for fire protection and are soundproof.

The ceiling panels are robustly designed and easy to use. The ceilings consist of metal layers filled with mineral fibre wool. Prefabricated edge profiles guarantee greater robustness, which means that additional wall bracing above the ceiling is not mandatory required. In addition to the standard ceiling fixtures, the panels can also be fitted with tested fireproof inspection hatches. Matching designs in a wide variety of colors create the right ambience. More surfaces and color variants available on request.

R&M offers three variants of its ceiling system, which differ mainly in the way in which they are installed:
  • a system that can be disassembled at any point
  • a design with a tongue and groove connecting system 
  • a design in which the panels can be bolted to one another

Standard ceiling panels
The ceiling panels come in a standard size, measuring 300 mm to 550 mm in width and 3,000 mm in length. They can also be manufactured and supplied in other sizes if required.
  • Ceiling panel (30 mm, 40 mm)
  • Ceiling panel with shadow gap (20 mm)
Fire Classifications
  • B-15/A-30
  • B-0/A-30
Surface coatings
  • Steel, stainless steel
  • Aluminium (only C-class)
  • Varnished in RAL and NCS colors
  • Perforation of the ceilings mainly for fitting in machinery control rooms


Our products meet the requirements of various international certification companies. Please find the product certificates here.