High quality and superior safety
In addition to excellent quality, our products also offer the best possible fire protection to ensure the highest possible level of safety and are also flexible and easy to install.

The walls are tested for sound insulation in accordance with international guideline ISO 140-3 and, depending on the product, achieve values up to 61 dB. The wall portfolio includes various styles of walls, including single walls, double walls and multi-layered walls. All of them meet all interior outfitting requirements. Customized panels, e.g. with cable ducts, cutouts or integrated reinforcements, can be provided to meet individual customer requirements. Connecting elements, inspection hatches and portholes are standard elements of the product portfolio. All interior architectural preferences and requirements can also be implemented with various designs in a wide variety of colours.

Standard wall panels
The wall panels are available in widths of up to 1,200 mm and heights of up to 2,500 mm.
    • Single wall (25 mm, 50 mm)
    • Double wall (25 mm)
    • Multi-layered wall (50 mm)
    • B-15
    • B-0
Surface coatings
    • Steel, stainless steel
    • Aluminium
    • PVC
    • RAL and NCS varnish colors


Our products meet the requirements of various international certification companies. Please find the product certificates here.